♠ Hi! Caleigh & Dalton here! We're just two friends that love food! Enjoy! ♣

1. Age/Gender/Location?

Caleigh: 14, Female, NJ

Dalton: 15, Male, NJ

2. Do you follow back?

Only if you’re a food blog that we like. If you are a different type of blog you can ask us on our individual blogs to check out your blog. If you do ask us to check out your blog, sorry if it takes a while to get back to you because we have to both agree on whether or not we want to follow. 

3. Do you guys have any other blogs?



http://just-laff.tumblr.com (Funny Blog)

http://superhungergamesproblems.tumblr.com (Hunger Games Problems)


http://s-weet-b-liss.tumblr.com (Nature Blog)

4. Promo/P4P/Double Promo?

We most likely won’t do any type of promo for you for no reason. You would either have to do something that would benefit us or know us personally not on tumblr. If you are a food blog, there is a better chance that we would promo you. It also helps if you follow us :P

5. Vote/Tell your followers/Reblog this?

To any of our lovely followers, feel free to ask us to vote for you because we definitely will, but most likely will not tell our followers unless you’re a food blog. We will not reblog any posts from you on command, either.

6. Who is answering my messages?

Whenever we answer a question, we’ll sign our name at the bottom not to have any confusion. 

7. Who made your banner?

This blog is amazing and you should go check them out if you want a banner. They’re super nice and their banners are so cool. We love ours!! 

8. {Insert compliment}

Thanks so much. If you send a compliment as a message, we most likely wont respond to it, but we really do appreciate the compliment. We just really enjoy sharing our love for food with people who do too!

9. When did you add your hit counter to your blog?

We put our hit counter on our blog on March 7, 2012.